Posted on February 02 2017

  “Every dollar you spend . . . or don't spend . . . is a vote you cast for the world you want.” - ― L.N. SmithSunrise Over Disney.

Every time we spend money, we support product, brand and even whole industry. So, it’s very important to ‘vote right’ and support only ethical and sustainable products, to make sure companies will produce it more. I want to share with you my advice how to become a responsible consumer. To be honest, usually it takes time, but it worth.

Needs vs. Wants

Before decide to buy or not, ask yourself do you really need it? Or you just want another beautiful pair of shoes, even if you don’t know if you wear it. We can live without many things and we need less than we usually buy.  If you find yourself making excuses for the buy, or doubting whether you need it, then put it back and walk away.

vegan handbags

Read Labels

If a product or brand is fair trade, organic, vegan, etc, it will always indicate this on some kind of label. Companies are proud to be sustainable and responsible, so they never hide this information from consumers.

 Support Local Businesses

When purchasing food, try to look into local farms and always try to purchase seasonal food. Also, it’s a great chance to support local workshops, which sell handmade items for home, clothes, ect. Local farms and businesses struggle and need your support. Usually, local business use only organic and natural products and its healthier for you and environment. Plus, the money stays within the community, and makes for a better place to live.

Pay Attention to Brand

Sometimes it’s very difficult to have a clear vision about company’s ethical values or position. If you miss any information, don’t afraid to write an email or call to the company. Since you spend money, you have rights to know what is all behind product. Sustainable company takes care about environment as much, as they care about employers.  Other companies operate foreign sweatshops, where they mistreat and underpay employees, in the name of maximizing their profits. If you buy from companies with unethical values, then you adopt and support those values in your consumption. 

Share your thoughts and advices on how to become a responsible consumer. How do you deal with this?



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