How Vegan Lifestyle Can Help You? Real Vegan Journey

Vilma Vaskeviciute

 Hello dear readers,

 Today I would love to share Dayna' s 25 years of vegan journey. Vegan lifestyle works and I hope this real story will inspire you! Enjoy your reading...

 I don't know when my precise vegan anniversary is, but I do know I've been a happy healthy vegan for 25 years and I'm very thankful for this important conscious decision.  I love animals but the main reason I went vegan is because I was tired of being sick and tired and I nearly died from lactose intolerance. Thankfully, the ocean sea air that my husband and I lived near saved my life and helped me heal and recuperate from accidentally consuming milk. I went out to dinner with some new friends and despite the fact that I was very clear that I decided to go vegan and no longer consume any animal protein, somehow some milk found its way into my meal.

  Sadly, we didn't stay friends because we didn't see eye to eye and they did not respect my choice, but thankfully, I did recuperate from the painful health nightmare and today, I continue my life as a healthy vegan.  I'm very squeamish so I did not need to watch any videos depicting the heinous cruel atrocities against animals.  Recognizing that eating animal protein is unhealthy and unnecessary was enough of a reason for me to go plant based vegan.  I'm very thankful for my healthy sensible food choices and I'm very thankful I've become a very creative talented vegan cook.  The last time my husband and I ate at a restaurant was 15 years ago and while that may sound unusual, we are very thankful we made this conscious choice.  We don't feel comfortable with strangers preparing our food and with good reason and the only restaurants we are willing to eat at are vegan. 

   Unfortunately, restaurants are out of our budget so it's not an option at this time, but we enjoy my cooking very much and we are happy to eat at home.  We both grew up eating a standard American diet rich in fattening animal protein and eating at restaurants.  As we grew older and wiser, we read various articles and books about healthy plant based eating.  We woke up and a very profound beautiful potluck we attended on Thanksgiving 20 years ago was a very special event for us.   We had already been vegetarian for 10 years and we were giving serious thought to going vegan.  Upon seeing a beautiful adorable chicken rescued and roaming free at the park potluck and tasting so many delicious vegan dishes, it was a very easy decision to make.  We were surrounded by 100 smiling peaceful gentle vegans who loved animals and made healthy conscious smart food choices and they very supportive of our decision and inspired us.  A support system is very important when making any important life changing decision.  When you are considering going vegan, having people in your life who are there for you when you have questions and concerns or the people you grew up with no longer support you, supportive caring  friends can be very helpful.  We are very thankful for social media and all the wonderful connections we have made who support us and listen to us.  When you do decide to go vegan, you can look forward to an abundance of information, delicious recipe ideas, and online resources that will help you every step of the way.

   Dayna Colvin is a holistic natural living organic self-care writer.  She hopes to inspire her readers with her writing to make healthy holistic lifestyle self-care choices and enjoy a very small carbon footprint on Mother Earth.   She is a very active environmental advocate and animal rescue advocate. She and her husband live in the Pacific NW, USA and are happy thankful parents of an adorable Cherub baby boy and share their home with 2 adorable, wonderful, sweet cats, their furry babies. You can reach her via email at permadeva at yahoo dot com.  Dayna shares her ideas and thoughts about holistic organic self-care on her Holistic Organic Self-Care Blog:

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