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Although from the outlook of things vegan lifestyle can be very healthy, it is, however, quite important to consider some of the potential dangers that may occur due to veganism thereby forestalling their occurrence.
The vegan lifestyle does not allow for the consumption of any animal products in any form. It also implies that no animal products should be used or worn in any other way. Although these instructions may sound so simple and straightforward (i.e. not wearing fur or leather or not eating meat), its implications can affect the overall health of as individual in the long run.
As a lifestyle choice, there is need for people to be aware of all aspects and implications of being a vegan. Even before entering into this new way of life, there is need for people to be aware of any potential vegan diet dangers. An early knowledge of these potential dangers can help an unwary vegan avoid problems with their health in future. Some vegan diet dangers include...
Decrease in Digestive Juices
Plant-based diets can cause drastic reduction of digestive juice. The production of HCL (hydrochloric acid) in the stomach is stimulated by protein. The process of breaking down protein is begun with the production of strong stomach acid. This helps to prepare the stage for pH driven digestive process. However, digestion can be weakened while the body might only be able to absorb fewer nutrients due to irregular and unhealthy stimulation of digestive juices.
Increase in Toxicity
Toxicity in the body can be greatly increased due to the consumption of low protein diets. The building blocks of protein – amino acids – enhance Phase 2 liver detoxification. However, this can be impaired by long-term veganism thereby impairing liver detoxification pathways. In order, to detoxify these harmful toxins, the liver requires the availability of some good protein.
Veganism can lead to malnutrition especially among babies and children. In order to help them grow and remain healthy, it is important for vegan children of all ages to receive essential body nutrients. Women who are planning to become pregnant as well as expecting mothers who lead a vegan lifestyle may be advised to take certain supplements. A dietitian or doctor should be consulted if there are any concerns about proper nutrition.
Restricted diet
Restricted diet is one of the greatest dangers of the vegan lifestyle. As a common feature with veganism, this could lead to the absence of essential body nutrients including vitamin D, iodine, vitamin B12, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Ailments such as osteomalacia (a condition affecting the bones and their formation in the body) and anemia can occur as a result of these deficiencies. They can also lead to rickets and other potentially serious illnesses among children.



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  • Dayna Colvin: November 02, 2016

    Hi Vilma,
    Thank you for publishing my blogpost. I appreciate it. It’s wonderful to see it here. :) I’ve been a healthy vegan for 25 years and it’s 1 of the most important wise healthy decisions I’ve made. I eat very balanced vegan foods and I’m living proof that it is very easy and wonderful to enjoy this healthy lifestyle. I eat fruits, vegetables, grains, tofu, brown rice, and many other wonderful delicious vegan foods, all gluten-free because I’m very sensitive to gluten, but I thrive and do very well eating balanced vegan nutrition and my cookbook contains all my delicious healthy recipes from my wonderful 25 years of being a healthy happy vegan. Please visit my blog for wonderful helpful tips for holistic organic vegan self-care.

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