Style Hacks for Matching Your Bag with Your Outfit

Posted on April 12 2018

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  Bags are fashion staples, and they often serve as a finishing touch to your style quotient. What’s great is that they can be paired with a lot of different outfits.

However, it pays to know what type of bags are fitting for certain looks. Here are some style hacks you can follow if you find yourself in the predicament of matching your bag to your overall look:

Add some sparkle

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If you’re going for an all-black ensemble, you can let your bag brighten up the look. Why not go for a glittery clutch or a bejeweled handbag? If your current bags have unassuming appearances, you can liven them up with some pins and patches. Vilma Boutique previously discussed how you can monogram your bag to make it look more stylish. You can also count on our POW Vegan Shoulder Bag to give that needed pop of color to an otherwise monochrome outfit.

Go green

vegan handbags

If you want to veer away from neutral colors, you can opt to carry a green bag around. Live About iterated that green is the “colored neutral”, because it can complement many kinds of outfits. Different shades of green can work. You can rock the deep green hue with Vilma’s Deep Green Minimalist Vegan Clutch, or opt for grassy green which is the most versatile shade. Green bags add a bright feature to your neutral-colored outfit, and this choice is also good for getups with pink, purple, yellow, or coral hues.

Tote bags keep it casual

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Keen on rocking the blazer today? Good choice! Pretty Me noted that blazers can be paired with anything, and are handy clothing pieces if you have a full schedule for the day. You can create a professional look by pairing it with trousers, or you can go for skinny jeans and a white shirt. If you think you look too business-like, balance your blazer out with a tote bag or even a hobo bag. A combination of both will give you the elegance you seek without being too formal. Take your pick from the Vilma tote bags collection and see for yourself!

Pair it with your shoes

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You may also match the colours of your bag and shoes of the day, as the combination can give your outfit some flair. For reference, Footwear News highlighted some of the best looks of Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo, who usually pairs her bag with her shoes. In one outfit, she rocked white heels with a white handbag, while in another, she chose brown for both pieces. Try matching the Vilma Pastel Vegan Clutch with a pair of pastel heels to achieve a similar effect.

One pattern at a time

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Evening wear usually means a cocktail dress or a long gown. If your outfit features heavy details or embellishments, stick to a neutral-coloured clutch or purse. It’s the same rule the other way around. If your evening outfit has no patterns, then let your bag do the talking! On some occasions, two different patterns work well together, but aside from checking yourself on the mirror, be sure to ask your family and friends how the combination looks before heading out to avoid a fashion disaster!

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